What is Orangutan?

What is Orangutan?

With our #ApeArmy community, and the ear-ringing “Hu Hu Hu OG” chants, Orangutan has certainly created a mark in the Indian Esports community. While on the front, we may seem like an organization which hosts successful rosters across multiple games; what happens behind the scenes is a whole other ballgame. 

To understand the basics, Orangutan is an Esports organization formed from a collective of passionate dreamers who have been working towards the creation of not only an Esports Organization, but an Esports Brand. Headquartered in Mumbai, we comprise an enthusiastic workforce that functions behind the scenes to curate a seamless experience for all our athletes. Our everyday motto is to make people realize the unlimited potential that Esports has, and that is why our fans are at the core of everything we do.

Our Esports training facility

What happens in the matches is decided by how well the players train, and to make sure that our players are prepped up for every tournament, we, at Orangutan, want to take every step to foster a winning environment and this begins with a place to call our own - ‘The Forest.’

Back when teams could only meet and practice online, that often meant their bedrooms and living rooms. We’ve come a long way since then.

Our fully-equipped, state-of-the-art esports training facility is located in Parsik Hill, Belapur. We are based in Mumbai but have no boundaries as we keep making steps to level up and define the gaming culture in India.

Our players spend their days practicing in this facility, with scrims and tournaments schedules throughout the day. We don’t want them to worry about breakfast, lunch or dinner, which is exactly why we have a full-equipped kitchen in the facility. Health and nutrition plays an important part in player performance and our in-house chefs and nutritionists ensure that everyone is eating right and staying hydrated.

We want our teams to make the most of their practice sessions and the best way to learn is to rewatch and dissect mistakes, effective tactics, areas for improvement and openings that can be exploited. Our VOD room is fitted with large screens where every detail can be analyzed, computers where our analysts can prepare visuals and diagrams along with comfortable couches.

Our rosters

Currently, Orangutan hosts 5 different rosters across 4 different games.

The first ever roster we created was our BGMI roster in September, 2021. This team has gone to become one of the Top 3 teams across all major events in the country.

We then went on to acquire Team Elite, to create Orangutan’s FreeFire roster, which is one of the best FreeFire teams in the entire country. This group of athletes finished 1st nationally in the FreeFire India Championship, which qualified them for Asia Championship, where they placed 8th.

We then became the first ever Indian organization that created a women's Valorant Roster that had players from different countries. Currently playing out of Singapore, we have players from India, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Philippines in our roster.

Our men’s Valorant roster too was the first ever in India to have players from more than one country. With players from India, Pakistan, and Malaysia, we have managed to make our roster one of the most prominent in the Indian Valorant space.

Lastly, we have our Pokemon Unite roster which we acquired this July. This roster represented Orangutan at the Pokemon Unite world championship in London, and are expected to be back in action in other tournaments very soon.

Our partnerships

Orangutan has multiple sponsorships and brand deals. 2 of the most prominent being Rooter, a streaming platform, and Cybeart, a gaming chair company that have acquired the two co-powered sponsor spots on our jersey. Other than that we also are in partnership with an Esports fantasy platform called FanClash, who are our official sponsors, and Sosyo, a 100 year old beverage company from Gujarat.

As for our FreeFire lineup, we have joined hands with Hefty Metaverse to branch out into Web 3, and are always on the lookout for new brand deals.

When it comes to acquiring new sponsors, we don't jump onto the first deal that comes our way. All partnerships are thought out strategically and only the ones that we believe will impact our audience and be beneficial for them are the ones we go ahead with.

Keeping everything in mind, we thrive every single day to fulfill our dream of becoming the number 1 esports organization; not just in India or Asia, but in the world!

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