How to create an esports community?

How to create an esports community?

No matter how successful your esports organization may be when it comes to lifting trophies and winning tournaments, the real worth of your organization lies in how strong your community or your fanbase is. Celebrating with fans is something every player enjoys, and it all depends on how well an esports organization markets itself to create that community it deserves. So, how can you create a community for your esports organization? How can you grow your existing community? Stick around till the end to find out!

Number 3: Meet and Greets

For fans who are actively following and supporting our organization, whether by watching our players stream or by commenting Hu Hu Hu OG and #ApeArmy in the chat when our teams are playing, we take pleasure in giving those fans a chance to meet the players who they support with all their heart. Our latest meet and greet was at the TEC Valorant LAN in Bangalore where members of our Valorant and FreeFire squad had a great time interacting with their fans.

Even your community can start growing by organizing a simple meet and greet. In case you feel that you lack funds to organize an in-person event, you can always do it on a Zoom call or a casual Instagram live where your players can interact with their fans. You can also have your players organize custom rooms while streaming so that they can engage with their fans, while having a higher chance at getting more viewers every time they go live.

Number 2: Creating original content

While the fans know your players as professional athletes, it is a whole different experience when they get to know them on a personal level by finding out what their life is beyond the world of esports.

At Orangutan, we constantly aim to give the fans a personalized experience at getting to know their favorite players. With our original ideas like, “Mic on Kar,” which is India’s first esports centric podcast, and “Meet the Troops,” which is a deeper dive into our players’ personal life, we have created a community of thousands of people from all over the globe who watch our videos to find out what the life of an esports player is outside the screen.

We recently even conducted a contest called “Into the Wild,” that gave 5 lucky fans a chance to come down to our esports training facility or our bootcamp, “The Forest,” after they were able to complete a series of challenges that we put in front of them.

Number 1: Creating your own merchandise line

If you are a die-hard fan of an esports organization, you will definitely want to purchase their merchandise. Whether it is purchasing a mug to drink coffee out of, or purchasing their jersey to wear whenever they are playing a game, you will use their merchandise to represent them as a fan!

Orangutan’s line helps our fans select from a variety of options of premium quality merchandise at an affordable price so that none of our fans get FOMO the next time they are at a LAN to support us. 

So, which one of these methods will you be using to grow your esports community? Well, more such information will be available soon, so make sure to follow Orangutan across all social media platforms for regular updates.

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